Introducing The #ActOnThisTV 'Social Media Deep Dive' - LIVE!

Learn how to start using social media to build your acting career, WITHOUT the stress, tech confusion, or CRAZY-overwhelm!



Leverage The Most Powerful, 'What's Working Now' Strategies - Even If You're Starting From Scratch!

This Is A Must-Attend Event If:

  • You DON'T yet have a social media strategy, which is helping build a personal brand/ enhancing your reputation within the acting industry.
  • You want to get FULLY up to speed on what's working RIGHT NOW (instead of second-guessing whether or not the strategies you've been trying, are actually going to work.)
  • You've been trying to build your social media presence for months (or years), but haven't gained any serious traction, that INSPIRES you to keep going.
  • You're feeling STUCK and you know that having a social media strategy, will not only boost your REPUTATION, but also your ability to make the kind of MONEY you know you are capable of making.

Online Training PLUS A 10 HOUR, In-Person Intensive - To Master Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Marketing!

The #ActOnThisTV 'Social Media Deep Dive' - LIVE Includes...

Session 1:

Online Pre-Briefing

Let's get the BASICS down. In advance of the main event, you'll attend a 90-minute, online pre-briefing.

The purpose of this session, is to ensure you have all necessary social media apps and profiles set up, on all your devices - ready to go!

Session 2:

10 HOUR Intensive

This 10 HOUR in-person intensive is designed to completely TRANSFORM your social media game!

The day runs from 8AM - 6PM and delves deep into the mechanics of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram - with PLENTY of 1-2-1 coaching!

Session 3:

Online Implementation

A week after our in-person intensive, you'll be invited to a 2nd online training, focusing on IMPLEMENTATION!

You'll be partnered with an 'accountability buddy', ensuring you work on your new strategy - DAILY!

Learn How To Use The BIGGEST Platforms To Grow Your Audience & Your Opportunity Within The Acting Industry!

Facebook Training

Here are some of the KEY lessons you'll learn, during our Facebook training session - hosted by Oli Reynolds.

  • How to utilise your personal Facebook profile to score MAXIMUM REACH on your content, and go viral.
  • Why most actors fail miserably, promoting their FB page - and how to do it effectively!
  • How to find the people who are screaming out to interact with, and SHARE your work!
  • The most effective way to utilise FB groups - and why 99% of actors are using them INCORRECTLY!
  • The best type of content to post on FB, how to present it, and when to post it - FOR MAXIMUM IMPACT!
  • An introduction to the back-end of FB, and how to EXPLODE your career with paid ads.
  • How to utilise FB to sell tickets to shows, and raise money for crowd-funders FAST!

Twitter Training

Here are some of the KEY lessons you'll learn, during our Twitter training session - hosted by Ross Grant.

  • How to optimise your profile photo, banner image and bio for maximum 'discoverability' and IMPACT!
  • How to gain followers FAST, and turn them into raving fans, through a simple hack.
  • The MOST USEFUL accounts to follow in the acting industry, and how to leverage them for more acting work!
  • How to distribute your acting showreel THE RIGHT WAY, and how to ensure your audience sees it!
  • The power of Direct Messages on Twitter, and how to get into the inboxes of industry people that matter!
  • How to GO LIVE on Twitter, and why it's a GREAT strategy to document behind the scenes of your career!
  • The power of RECIPROCITY, and how to work with your peers, to gain more exposure for EVERYONE!

Instagram Training

Here are some of the KEY lessons you'll learn, during our Instagram training session - hosted by Oli Reynolds & Ross Grant.

  • How to choose between a personal or business profile on Instagram - and which is best for YOU!
  • How to seek out the most useful acting industry accounts, and how to use their content on YOUR profile!
  • How to use #hashtags, and why they are CRITICAL to your success on Instagram.
  • The power of Instagram Stories, and why you should be putting out 5-7 of these EVERY DAY!
  • How to quickly format video for IG, to ensure it looks great, and gets ATTENTION!
  • How to use Instagram TV, in order to post long-form video - such as showreels and short-films.
  • How to get 'swipe up' capability on Instagram Stories, WITHOUT needing 10,000 followers.

100% Practical, Complete With 1-2-1 Coaching On YOUR Personal Social Strategy!

Full Colour Workbook

Each student will be supplied with a full-colour, wire-bound workbook, complete with lesson re-caps, and plenty of space to make notes!

1-2-1 Coaching

A significant amount of time in our 10 hour intensive, will be dedicated to 1-2-1 coaching. This isn't a masterclass, where you can sit back and listen passively.

Facebook Group Access

All students will get EXCLUSIVE access to a PRIVATE Facebook group, where you'll be able to get ongoing advice and accountability from the entire group!

Your Instructors

Introducing Ross Grant & Oli Reynolds...

Ross Grant

Hey there, I'm Ross - a professional actor, voiceover artist and creator of Act On This - The TV Actors' Network.

For the last 8 years I've been using social media on a DAILY basis, to grow BOTH my acting career and multiple online businesses.

Not only have I used Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to turn Act On This into one of the biggest, and most trusted brands in the acting industry, I've leveraged the power of these platforms to gain roles in some of the most prestigious shows on TV.

I CAN'T WAIT to share the strategies I'm using RIGHT NOW, with YOU - at this 'Social Media Deep Dive' - LIVE!

Oli Reynolds

Hi, I'm Oli - a professional actor and social media marketing expert - having owned my own social media marketing agency, for the past 10 years.

I help both individuals and companies grow online, via authentic brand building. 

Using social media authentically, drives deep, rich engagement - and a following that really cares about you, and your product.

I'm going to be sharing my VERY BEST marketing secrets, to REALLY move the needle on your acting career, and any other online pursuits you have going on right now!

The Venue - Social 7 (MediaCityUK)

Our 10 hour intensive will be held on Friday August 23rd, from 8AM - 6PM, at 'Social 7' in MediaCityUK.


Dates, Times & Details

Our next 'Social Media Deep Dive' - LIVE will take place on the following dates and times.

Session 1 - Online Pre-Briefing - Tuesday 20th August 2019, 7PM ONLINE.

This session will be recorded, for those who cannot attend LIVE.

However, we advise students to attend ALL sessions, in order to get the most out of this masterclass.


Session 2 - 10 Hour Intensive - Friday 23rd August 2019, 8AM - 6PM At 'Social 7', MediaCityUK.

This session will begin PROMPTLY at 8AM, and will run til 6PM. You will be asked to bring your mobile device and laptop, in order to actively participate in what is being taught.



Session 3 - Online Implementation - Wednesday 28th August 2019, 7PM ONLINE.

This session will be recorded, for those who cannot attend LIVE.

However, we advise students to attend ALL sessions, in order to get the most out of this masterclass.


Purchase Your Ticket NOW!

There are ONLY 20 tickets available for this event - so BE QUICK!





Session 1 - Online Pre-Briefing

Session 2 - 10 HOUR Intensive

Session 3 - Online Implementation

Full Colour Workbook

Refreshments Throughout Intensive

Facebook Group Access


Frequently Asked Questions


This masterclass is tailored to the students attending.

Each 'Social Media Deep Dive' - LIVE will be a different experience, all predicated by those who are present.

If you have a solid knowledge of social media already, but you're not seeing the growth you would like - we'll work with you to implement proven strategies that WE KNOW move the needle!

Unfortunately not. Due to the VERY high upfront costs, associated with booking a venue, we cannot give refunds.

Please do not buy a ticket, if you are not 100% committed to this event.

'Social 7' is a fully functioning bar and kitchen.

FREE tea, coffee and pastries will be provided to all attendees.

Additional food and drink can be purchased at any time.


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