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Imagine sitting with the BIGGEST casting directors, agents & actors in TV - and having them help YOU get a role in your favourite show...

The Problem Most Actors Face...

You're a great actor and you know you can act...

You're probably attending regular classes and workshops, and you may even have an agent?

BUT... no matter what you try, you're still not getting the auditions you want, and like 95% of actors - you feel UNSEEN...

Which means more years are passing by, with little to no progress, and you're acting dreams are fading fast!

What would happen if you learned the same secrets to acting career success, that took some of the greatest actors in the industry 30+ years to learn?

Well... you'd soon be signed to a great agent, you'd be auditioning for your dream TV shows, and you'd be booking roles in them!

Act On This can teach you those secrets!

Act On This on various devices
Act On This on various devices

It's Called ShowBUSINESS For A Reason!

If you currently feel lost and UNSEEN, it's probably because you've never been taught the 'business' of the business.

You don't know who the best agents are and what they need to sign you, which casting directors cast which shows, and how to get on their radar... countless things, other than talent, which are CRUCIAL for a successful career!

Luckily for YOU - Act On This has your back!

EVERY week our private mastermind group, goes LIVE, for a closed-door, online coaching session, with one of the most influential professionals in the TV acting industry.

As a member, you'll take part in LIVE webinars with A-list actors, industry-leading casting directors, top agents, award-winning directors & MORE!

YOU'LL get the chance to jump on camera, and get the 1-2-1 career coaching you need - to progress FAST!

Check Out Just Some Of Our Recent Guests Below...

When we say we bring you the best, we really do mean THE BEST!


Access Recordings Of Previous Mastermind Sessions With The Following People INSTANTLY!

Actor David Harewood

'Homeland' & 'Supergirl' Actor David Harewood

Learn what it takes to succeed, against all odds, and become a successful actor in both the UK & US!

Netflix show The Witcher

'The Witcher' Casting Director Sophie Holland

Hear how Sophie and her team, find the brightest acting talent, to star in one of the BIGGEST Netflix dramas in the world!

Actor & comedian Matt Lucas

Actor & Comedy Legend Matt Lucas

Find out EXACTLY what it took for Matt to take over the world of comedy, with global hits, like 'Little Britain' & MORE!

The cast of Brassic

'Brassic' Co-Creator Danny Brocklehurst

BAFTA-winning writer Danny Brocklehurst explains what it takes to get a script idea, out of your head, and onto TV!

Agent Natalie Payne

Agent Natalie Payne Of Payne Management

Leading agent Natalie Payne, explains what YOU need to do, to land GREAT acting representation, that leads to work!

The cast of Downton Abbey

'Downton Abbey' Casting Director Jill Trevellick

Looking to break into world-class period drama? Emmy-nominated casting director, Jill Trevellick, explains how.

Oscar-winners Rachel Shenton & Chris Overton

Oscar-Winning Actress Rachel Shenton

Learn how a short-film, made on a zero-budget took Hollywood by storm, and won Oscar gold! Anything is possible!

The cast of Peaky Blinders

'Peaky Blinders' Casting Associate Jonny Boutwood

Jonny explains what it takes to land auditions and book roles, on some of the most popular TV dramas in the world.

Acting agent Guy Howe of WGM Atlantic

Agent Guy Howe Of WGM Atlantic Talent Group

Head of WGM, Guy Howe, cuts through the fluff, explaining what he needs from an actor, in order to sign them.

Attend 4 GAME-CHANGING Sessions EVERY Month!

For HALF the price of what most people charge for a single acting workshop!


Missed A Session? Catch The Recording - On Demand 24/7!

You've got a lot going on in your life, and you can't make EVERY LIVE Act On This coaching call?

Relax, we've got you covered!

When you become an Act On This member, you'll UNLOCK a vault of ALL previously held webinars, and you'll also get access to the full recordings of all upcoming webinars, in BOTH audio and video format.

Catch up in the car, on the train, walking the dog... the choice is yours!

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Not Just LIVE Calls - In-Depth Podcasts & HD Video Interviews Too!

The Act On This vault doesn't just contain recordings of LIVE webinars either!

You'll also find 200 HOURS of in-depth podcasts and video interviews, with the BIGGEST casting directors, actors, agents, directors, writers and producers in there too!

Learn what these people want from you as an actor, how to get in direct contact with them, and start building the relationships that will transform your career.

*NEW podcasts and video interviews will be recorded when social distancing measures allow.

Free Yourself From The Day Job YOU HATE!

You owe it to yourself to be doing what you LOVE for a living. That's acting - not bar, restaurant, or retail work. Get the education you need, to quit that day job SOON!


The 3 Pillars Of Act On This...

EVERYTHING you need to build a truly SUCCESSFUL acting career!

An icon representing a podcast

Acting Industry Education

A library of content to teach you the real 'business of the business'. Knowledge that you literally CAN'T get anywhere else!

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Coaching Calls

Access to the BIGGEST names in the business, through LIVE video calls. Get your most burning questions answered ON THE SPOT!

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Become part of an EXCLUSIVE. private mastermind of actors, all ready to advise, support and hold you accountable!

Monthly Group Networking Events

Attend member-only networking events - meet new actors, set goals, and get the strategies you need to HIT THEM!

Act On This LIVE Zoom call

Never Feel Stuck Or Alone In Your Career Again!

Friends, family or partner not so supportive of your acting hopes and dreams? Join Act On This and become part of the family you never knew you had!


Who Should Join Act On This?

Act On This website on various devices

✅ Actors new to the industry, who just DON'T KNOW where to start.

✅ Drama school grads, who didn't get taught the 'business' of the business.

✅ Experienced actors already working in TV, who want to hit their next level.

✅ TV veterans who need to 'get in the room' with casting directors they haven't seen before.

✅ Actors looking for community and accountability for their current career goals.

✅ Anyone who wants to stay on top of the latest industry, casting and audition trends.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It - Our Members Are CRUSHING IT...

Just some of the social media messages we get EVERY DAY!

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Testimonial from Act On This member Andrew Alton-Read

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  • Audio recordings of ALL LIVE sessions
  • Access 150+ HOURS of acting podcasts with the BIGGEST names in TV
  • Access a further 100 HOURS of in-depth video Interviews
  • Invite to our monthly 'closed door' online networking event
  • Private community forum access
  • Invites to EXCLUSIVE industry workshops

Annual - SAVE £64.00 NOW!


Per Year

  • SAVE £64.00 a year
  • 4 x LIVE mastermind calls EVERY month
  • Video recordings of ALL LIVE sessions
  • Audio recordings of ALL LIVE sessions
  • Access 150+ HOURS of acting podcasts with the BIGGEST names in TV
  • Access a further 100 HOURS of in-depth video Interviews
  • Invite to our monthly 'closed door' online networking event
  • Private community forum access
  • Invites to EXCLUSIVE industry workshops

Frequently Asked Questions...

Some of the most common questions answered!

Chris Stone director

Chris Stone

Award-Winning Director

It's like having the UK's BIGGEST casting directors in your pocket - ready to give you advice, whenever you need it!

All audio on this site is recorded with Rode microphones.

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