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PREVIEW: Quick-Fire Casting Roundtable - With Andy Pryor & Ri McDaid-Wren!

podcast preview Oct 07, 2019

Casting director Andy Pryor, and associate Ri McDaid-Wren, are 2 of my favourite people in the industry. Not only do they cast the BIGGEST shows on TV - Doctor Who, Gentleman Jack, Years And Years, The A Word... - they are also a real force for GOOD!

After recently attending a drama readthrough with Andy and Ri - I took the opportunity to drag them back to my apartment, for a quick-fire, roundtable podcast, on all things casting and auditions.

During our chat, Andy, Ri and I discuss:

  • ...
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PREVIEW: Following Your Creative Calling - With 'Emmerdale' Actress Isobel Steele!

podcast preview Sep 30, 2019

Isobel Steele was thrust into the limelight, after landing the role of Liv Flaherty, in ITV's Emmerdale, back in 2015!

3 and a half years later, and Liv has become one of the serial drama's most popular characters.

However, Isobel isn't just an actress - she's also a keen musician, and a SUPER-talented singer... disciplines she would also likely to turn into professional careers.

I invited Izzi over, to record a podcast on pursuing multiple creative endeavours, and why YOU ARE NOT cheating...

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PREVIEW: How To Use Social Media To Build & Grow Your Acting Career - With Marketing Master Oli Reynolds!

podcast preview Sep 15, 2019

Love it or hate it, social media isn't going anywhere, and if used correctly, it's the most POWERFUL thing on the planet, to grow your personal brand, gain attention for all the right reasons, and ultimately BOOK MORE ACTING WORK!

One guy who has transformed my use of social media, both in my acting career, and when it comes to Act On This - is actor and social media marketing agency owner - Oli Reynolds.

I got Oli behind the mic, to share his very best strategies, on the use of...

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PREVIEW: 7 Golden Rules Of Self-Tapes (That Are Meant To Be Broken) - With 'Brassic's' Rick Carr!

podcast preview Sep 02, 2019

There is NO DOUBT about it, self-tapes have become BIG business in the acting industry, over the last 12 months.

Casting directors are often skipping first-round, in-person auditions - opting for self-tapes instead - and actors are being asked to put themselves on tape, multiple times a week, during busy periods.

You can no longer use your technophobia as an excuse for a poor self-tape - if YOU don't up your self-tape game NOW, you're going to lose - it's very simple.

I asked accidental...

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PREVIEW: Acting Agent Phone-In - With Natalie Payne (Payne Management)!

podcast preview Aug 05, 2019

Natalie Payne of Payne Management is one of the most hard-working and respected agents I know.

With clients working at the very TOP of TV, film and theatre - she's a goldmine of information, on what it takes to get her actors in front of the biggest casting directors - and also has a deep understanding of how an agent and actor can work together, to form a formidable team.

I invited Natalie to take part in an agent phone-in for Act On This PREMIUM members, and...

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PREVIEW: Booking Roles In The Best Independent Films - With Director Jason Wingard!

podcast preview Jul 28, 2019

Over the past few weeks, I've recorded podcasts with some SUPER-talented actors, branching out into the world of short film, for the very first time.

I'm all about actors creating their own work, rather than waiting for their agent to call, but I'm aware that not every actor is quite ready for that.

For that reason, I wanted to introduce the community to a director, who I've seen give more first chances to actors, than anyone else I know - Jason Wingard.

If you're not quite ready to create...

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PREVIEW: 'Ackley Bridge' Roundtable - With Rob James-Collier & Jordan Hogg!

podcast preview Jul 22, 2019

I love it when 2 past guests of Act On This, end up working together on a great project - and that's EXACTLY what has happened here!

Actor Rob-James Collier, who you'll know previously as Thomas in Downton Abbey, and BAFTA-winning director Jordan Hogg (BOTH great friends of the site), recently joined forces on season 3 of Channel 4's Ackley Bridge.

The duo are 2 of the most positive and motivated people I know in the acting industry, and so I leapt at the chance of bringing them...

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PREVIEW: 'Dark Money' Roundtable - With Jill Halfpenny, Lewis Arnold & Victor Jenkins!

podcast preview Jul 16, 2019

Dark Money - directed by Lewis Arnold, cast by Victor Jenkins, starring Jill Halfpenny - is a dramatic triumph.

The show tells the fictional story of The Mensahs, whose lives are torn apart, after accepting a substantial pay off, to cover up the sexual abuse of their son, Issac.

The damage done by this dark money, runs deep, and the price of taking it is high.

In this roundtable podcast, I sit down with Lewis, Victor and Jill, to find out EXACTLY what went in to producing this outstanding...

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PREVIEW: 'Underwater' Roundtable - With Jay Kontzle, Michael Keogh & Jonathan Blake!

podcast preview Jul 05, 2019

If you've been around Act On This for a while, you'll know how PASSIONATE I am, about actors creating THEIR OWN WORK!

Over the last couple of years, the actors I see REALLY winning, are doing that, through the medium of short film.

I've had friends land HUGE jobs, gain mass attention, and even win Oscars by writing, directing and starring in their own shorts.

When I heard that Emmerdale's Jay Kontzle had just finished his first short film - Underwater - I was eager to get him round...

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PREVIEW: How To Write, Fund & Shoot Your First Short Film - With Actor Liam Collins!

podcast preview Jun 23, 2019

A few months back, I got an Instagram DM, asking me to check out an actor's first short film.

I get A LOT of requests to watch stuff, and always try where I can. The quality of projects varies, but once in a while I'm really blown away.

Actor, Liam Collins' film, My Toughest Battle - starring Coronation Street's Brooke Vincent -  was one of these instances.

The film tells the story of a young boxer, who fights to understand and talk about his depression. Its...

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