PREVIEW: Your Failures Are Just Waiting To Be Successes - With 'Doctor Who' & 'Anansi Boys' Director Azhur Saleem!

directors Jun 23, 2023

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Azhur Saleem is one of the most exciting directors in TV and film.

He's recently shot BBC epic Doctor Who, upcoming Amazon series Anansi Boys - with Whoopi Goldberg - and brand new ITV drama After The Flood.

Az is also one of the kindest directors you'll ever meet - and is ALWAYS on the lookout for new acting talent!

In this 2 HOUR podcast, we dive deep into Az's directing journey, Az explains EXACTLY how to get on his casting radar for upcoming shows, we look at effective audition and self-tape strategy - and share why failure DOESN'T EXIST!

During this podcast, we discuss:

  • Az's latest ITV drama, 'After The Flood'.
  • Why he was asked to direct all six episodes.
  • The day 'Jurassic Park' changed Az's life forever.
  • Starting out with his dad's camcorder.
  • University and film school - and if they're even worth it?
  • The film competition that won Az his first agent.
  • The financial crash of 2008 that forced Az to work at the Apple Store.
  • An email from Warner Bros. that changed the game.
  • Raising money for your own short films.
  • Az's short film 'Muse' - and why he risked his entire savings on it.
  • How 'Muse' snagged Az his first gig on 'Doctor Who'.
  • Working on 'Anansi Boys' with Whoopi Goldberg.
  • Auditions - and how Az likes to work with actors.
  • The ONE thing Az wants EVERY actor to be in an audition.
  • Why personality REALLY matters on-set.
  • How you can get your showreel to Az NOW!
  • The one day that Az would turn the clock back on.
  • The most important bit of advice Az could give you.
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

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