PREVIEW: You Have MAGIC In You - With TOP TV Comedy Casting Director Catherine Willis!

live broadcast preview Nov 29, 2023

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Catherine Willis is one of the BIGGEST comedy casting directors in TV - although she does cast drama too!

Her latest credits include Disney+ series The Full Monty, Alan Carr's Changing Ends, BBC Two's Henpocalypse and BAFTA-winning BBC comedy Alma's Not Normal.

In this 2 HOUR member-only mastermind, we dive DEEP into Catherine's casting process, explain EXACTLY how YOU can get on Catherine's casting radar for upcoming projects, share the very best strategies to nail your next in-person audition or self-tape - and members of Act On This jump on camera for some 1-2-1 coaching too!

During the broadcast, we discuss:

  • The latest happenings in the acting industry.
  • Catherine's recent TV credits and what she's been learning.
  • How Catherine juggles multiple TV projects at once.
  • Catherine's casting team - and who's in her office right now.
  • Comedy - and whether or not it can be learned.
  • How Catherine is discovering NEW TALENT right now.
  • TikTok, YouTube shorts and Instagram reels.
  • In-person auditions vs. self-tapes - and the options Catherine is giving actors.
  • How to email Catherine the RIGHT WAY!
  • Landing auditions with Catherine - without an agent.
  • Emailing casting assistants and associates too.
  • Levelling up from day player to leading roles.
  • Stand-up comedy and how it applies to comedy casting.
  • Drama school - and if it's really worth it?
  • Pushing for an audition, when your agent has already submitted you.
  • The ONE thing Catherine wants EVERY actor to know.
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

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