PREVIEW: There's Only One Of YOU - With 'The Bay' Actor Dan Ryan!

actors Feb 19, 2021

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Dan Ryan is one of the hardest working actors in UK TV - with 32 YEARS in the industry, under his belt.

Now starring in some of the BIGGEST shows out there, you'd be forgiven for thinking it's been an easy ride for Dan - but you'd be wrong!

In this 2 HOUR mastermind, we delve deep into Dan's acting journey, dissect EXACTLY what has made him so successful, but also see a vulnerable side to this guy - as he shares the REALITY of working at the very top of the game.

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During the broadcast, we discuss:

  • Dan's entry into the industry and his early years as an actor.
  • Drama school and if it's really worth it?
  • Dan's 20 year journey to truly developing his confidence.
  • Why smaller TV roles are often more taxing than the larger ones.
  • Dan's 6 seasons, starring in Sky's 'Mount Pleasant'.
  • Why no ONE role is a golden ticket to success.
  • How Dan landed the role of Tony Manning in ITV's 'The Bay'.
  • Covid - and why Dan decided to get a day job.
  • The family crisis, that led to Dan's best work.
  • That first day on set - and why it never gets easier.
  • Dan's insight into playing drunk characters.
  • Body positivity and how society is prone to 'fat-shaming'.
  • Dan's advice to his 16 year-old self.
  • Agents and knowing when it's time for a change.
  • The ONE thing Dan wants EVERY actor to know.
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

Ready for one of the most TRUTHFUL acting conversations you'll ever hear?

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