PREVIEW: The Power Of Keeping It Real - With The One & Only Steve Evets!

actors Nov 18, 2019

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Actor Steve Evets is an absolute ONE-OFF!

Not only is he one of the most talented actors on our TV screens, he's also one of the most real, authentic guys you will ever meet.

Steve was thrust into the limelight, when he landed the lead role in Ken Loach's 2009 film, Looking For Eric, opposite Eric Cantona.

Since then, he's gone on to star in some of the biggest films, and TV shows out there.

These include; Scott & Bailey, Shameless, Rev, Death In Paradise, Bancroft, Silent Witness, Vera, Gentleman Jack, and most recently Sky One’s Brassic, where he plays Farmer Jim - another total legend.

I had to get Steve round for a podcast, to get to the bottom of this incredible success.

During our chat, Steve and I discuss:

  • Steve's entry into the acting industry and the hustle behind getting his Equity card.
  • Why working for free and gaining experience is ESSENTIAL to acting career success.
  • The time Steve was stabbed, and the near-death experience that changed his outlook forever.
  • The co-op agency Steve joined, and why it wasn't a great match for him.
  • How insecurity can really f*ck up your success.
  • Why you should invest your earnings back into your career, and always put money aside for tax!
  • Steve's audition technique and why he thinks highlighting ONLY your own lines is bullsh*t.
  • Self-tapes and when 'one more take' becomes ONE TOO MANY!
  • His time on Ken Loach's 'Looking for Eric'.
  • Why you shouldn't be on your phone between takes.
  • The rise of 'acting schools', ran by teachers who have never stepped foot on set.
  • Steve's audition for 'Brassic' - and what Joe Gilgun liked about it.
  • The technique 'Brassic' director,  Jon Wright, uses to get the best out of the cast.
  • Why Steve is just 'going with it' and living in the present - both in and out of his career.
  • Steve's TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

If you're ready to cut through the bullsh*t of the acting industry, hit 'play' now!


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