PREVIEW: Reaching A New 'Boiling Point' - With BAFTA-Nominated Director Philip Barantini!

directors Dec 14, 2022

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Starting out as an actor, Philip Barantini had a super-successful career under his belt - starring in hits like Sky One's Dream Team, Stephen Spielberg's Band Of Brothers and opposite Heath Ledger in Ned Kelly.

A decade-long battle with drink and drugs would see this success come tumbling down around him, leaving Phil struggling to get work.

After his mum's death in 2017, Phil's mindset shifted massively, as he started creating new work on his own terms. Boiling Point was born - a short film, turned BAFTA-nominated feature and now a 5-part BBC TV drama!

We caught up with Phil to discuss EXACTLY how he made it happen!

During this podcast, we discuss:

  • Phil's early acting career and his initial success.
  • Earning money between jobs in the restaurant biz.
  • Phil's fascination with cheffing - and how he became one.
  • The 10 years of drink and drugs that followed.
  • Getting sober and back into filmmaking.
  • Losing Phil's mum - and the drive to succeed that it gave him.
  • Breaking through our limiting beliefs.
  • Crafting the idea for 'Boiling Point' into a shootable script.
  • Building an incredible team on a budget.
  • How Phil got Stephen Graham onboard.
  • Shooting 'Boiling Point' as a short, before deciding to make the feature.
  • The 4 BAFTA nominations that came as a result.
  • Directing BBC's 'The Responder' and ITV's 'Malpractice'.
  • Getting 'Boiling Point' commissioned as a BBC TV series.
  • The casting process for the show.
  • The 3 BIGGEST things life has taught Phil so far.
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

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