PREVIEW: Profiting From Your Spotlight Profile & Earning Your Fees Back FAST - With Spotlight Success Manager Mel Brown!

other industry pros Nov 10, 2023

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Spotlight is a critical component in any actor's success.

The biggest casting directors and agents in TV use it daily and if you're not on Spotlight you're not getting access to the best jobs out there.

However, simply being on Spotlight won't lead to auditions - it's HOW you use the platform that will.

In this 90 MINUTE member-only mastermind, Spotlight's in-house 'Success Manager' Mel Brown explains how to make your profile irresistible to agents and casting directors, we dive into the little-known profile hacks to really make you stand out, discuss ways to earn your subscription fees back in record time - and members of Act On This get their questions answered too!

During the broadcast, we discuss:

  • Mel's 7 YEAR career at Spotlight.
  • Why you REALLY need to see your acting career as a business.
  • The £THOUSANDS available to actors if they know where to look.
  • How a 14 word TV role could pay for 4 YEARS membership.
  • Making your Spotlight profile more IMPACTFUL than ever before.
  • 2 things that let 90% of profiles down.
  • The Spotlight profile details you don't even know exist.
  • Setting your bases on Spotlight, so you don't miss out on auditions.
  • How to make agents approach YOU on the platform.
  • The 'About Me' section - and what to write to earn more £££'s.
  • Headshots - how many to have and what they need to show.
  • Showreels - and the BIGGEST trap actors fall into on Spotlight.
  • Creating audio clips of your very best accents.
  • Adding skills to your profile to cultivate casting opportunities.
  • Adding your training to your profile.
  • The Spotlight 'Jobs Feed' and how to make it work for YOU.
  • How to earn your Spotlight fees back in DISCOUNTS.
  • The ONE thing Mel wants EVERY actor to know.
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

I GUARANTEE you won't be aware of half the stuff we show you!

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