PREVIEW: Just Hang On ONE MORE DAY - With 'Grantchester' Actress Melissa Johns!

actors Feb 22, 2024

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Melissa Johns is an INCREDIBLE example of an actress who has turned her adversity into ADVANTAGE!

Born without her right hand and forearm, growing up wasn't easy for Melissa, but acting gave her the escape she needed.

Melissa has spent the last 20+ years chasing her dreams, whilst advocating for disability and equality within the TV industry. She's landed lead roles in shows like Coronation Street, BBC One's Life, ITV's Grantchester - and will soon be making her first US screen debut too.

In this 2 HOUR podcast, we dive deep into Melissa's journey, look at the mindset required to truly win in acting, Melissa shares the most vulnerable tale of privacy invasion I've ever heard - and explains how she's turned her experience into a TV show!

During this podcast, we discuss:

  • How to enjoy life, when things get overwhelming.
  • Melissa's childhood and family life.
  • Growing up with a very different body to everyone else.
  • Auditioning for drama school - and whether it's even worth it?
  • Moving to London to attend East 15.
  • The first thing Melissa does when she gets an audition.
  • Living in London - and if it matters where you're based?
  • Why London made Melissa miserable.
  • The perfect day job for any actor.
  • Melissa's first few TV roles.
  • Setting up a new life in Manchester.
  • How Melissa became a master of hiding her limb difference.
  • The moment she decided not to hide any more.
  • How Melissa landed a regular role in 'Coronation Street' - WITHOUT even auditioning.
  • The day Melissa's phone was hacked - leaking naked pictures to the press.
  • Fighting back and owning the situation.
  • Creating her one woman show 'Snatched'.
  • Adapting 'Snatched' for TV.
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

If you're facing adversity right now - you NEED to hear this!

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