PREVIEW: How To Make An Award-Winning Short Film - With BAFTA-Winning Actor David Bradley & Team 'Roy'!

roundtables Oct 20, 2021

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So, you've had a GREAT script idea in your head for years, but fear has talked you out of ever developing it any further.

That's the story for so many actors - and in this feature I want to break that cycle.

Actors Ross White and Tom Berkeley were in the same position, until they decided to face the fear and create their first short film anyway.

The result is Roy - an award-winning short, starring BAFTA-winning actor David Bradley and Oscar-winner Rachel Shenton.

In this 2 HOUR deep-dive, we find out EXACTLY how the team made it happen and the hurdles they had to overcome. We share a step by step guide to help you get your idea out of your head and onto the big screen - and members of Act On This jump on camera for some 1-2-1 coaching too!

During the broadcast, we discuss:

  • Why so many actors allow FEAR to rob them of opportunity.
  • The story of 'Roy' and where the idea came from.
  • What David thought of the script when he first read it.
  • Getting ideas out of your head and into script format.
  • Why you MUST write the things that excite you.
  • How David took on the character of Roy.
  • David's TOP 3 tips for bringing your A Game to set!
  • How to seek out a production company to take on your script.
  • Financing a short film and clever hacks to raise capital FAST!
  • Casting your short film and where to find crew.
  • Why A-List actors might still want to be in your first short film.
  • Lessons from post-production on 'Roy'.
  • Submitting your short to the RIGHT film festivals.
  • The ONE thing David and the team want EVERY actor to know.
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

If this doesn't inspire you to get shooting, NOTHING WILL!

Hit 'play' NOW!


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