PREVIEW: Hanging In Long Enough To Get Your Break - With 'Sorry We Missed You' Actor Kris Hitchen!

actors Nov 01, 2019

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I first met Kris Hitchen, helping Dan Hubbard cast a hard-hitting charity advert.

There was something VERY different about Kris though - he had an authenticity I'd rarely seen in an actor - and I wasn't surprised he landed the job.

Since then, I've kept a close eye on this guy's career - knowing it would only be a matter of time, until something BIG happened to him.

It did happen - as Kris recently landed the lead role of Ricky in Ken Loach's latest masterpiece Sorry We Missed You.

I had to get Kris in front of the mic, to tell us all about it!

During our chat, Kris and I discuss:

  • Kris' early love of acting, and how it was bullied out of him.
  • The decades of his life, spent as a plumber.
  • His return to acting, later in life.
  • That charity commercial - and the acting technique he used to smash it!
  • Depression and the 3 days of life coaching that changed EVERYTHING.
  • Why owning LESS, actually gives you MORE!
  • His chance encounter with Ken Loach in his 20's and an early miss at stardom.
  • Why knowing yourself is so important for an actor.
  • The number of times Kris gave up on acting, but fate dragged him back in.
  • The hustle Kris had to put in to find about about the 'Sorry We Missed You' casting.
  • The casting process for the film, and the improvisation that changed his career forever.
  • Working with Ken Loach, and the surprising ways he operates on set.
  • Kris' BIGGEST lessons from working on 'Sorry We Missed You'.
  • The new opportunities it's now lead to.
  • What happiness is, and why it's so hard to come by at times.
  • Kris' TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

THIS podcast will BLOW YOU AWAY!

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