PREVIEW: Act On This 'Table Talk' (October 2023) - Creating A £1 Million Side-Hustle, Not Fixing What Isn't Broken & Finishing 2023 STRONG!

actors Oct 17, 2023

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'Table Talk' is BACK for the FINAL time in 2023 - and there's SO MUCH to discuss!

In these episodes, we cover some hot and potentially controversial topics HEAD-ON!

Please know that any advice/ opinions given, come from a POSITIVE place and are meant with love.

During this podcast, we discuss:

  • How Act On This started off as a side-hustle.
  • The £1 million that side-hustle has now generated.
  • How to start earning money on your own terms.
  • Petch's self-tape side-hustle.
  • Why investing in quality self-tapes is a GREAT idea.
  • The self-tape strategy Ross has used to book 5 TV jobs this year.
  • How caring LESS can lead to MORE success.
  • Why you shouldn't fix what ISN'T broken.
  • Suffocating your own excuses and putting in the work.
  • Self-sabotage and why so many actors do it.
  • The pursuit of pleasure over fulfilment.
  • Creating your own work on a tiny budget.
  • Other ways to be creative when it's quiet.
  • Starting a podcast and forging your own online community.
  • Agents - and how to do your own research on them.
  • Acting industry coaches - and how NOT to get ripped-off!
  • Spotlight's new 'seeking representation' feature.
  • Spotlight Premiere - and what it is.
  • Understanding commercial contracts.
  • Overthinking and making the 'right' decision.
  • Trusting your gut - AGAIN.
  • Mental health and checking-in with yourself & others.
  • Our flagship coaching program - First TV Role Fast-Track.
  • NOT quitting in the final quarter of the year.
  • Why we do what we do.
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

Strap yourself in, sit back and ENJOY!

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