PREVIEW: Act On This 'Table Talk' (June 2024) - Avoiding Cowboy Coaches, Making £Thousand From AI & Is Equity Making Themselves Extinct?

actors Jun 18, 2024

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'Table Talk' is BACK for the second time in 2024 - and boy, did we go deep in this one!

In these episodes, we cover some hot and potentially controversial topics HEAD-ON!

Please know that any advice/ opinions given, come from a POSITIVE place and are meant with love.

During this podcast, we discuss:

  • Q2 2024 - and some exciting Act On This updates.
  • Our official line of Act On This merchandise and our shop at
  • Some cool new Instagram features.
  • Our new Act On This iPhone & Android app.
  • Why we're streaming LIVE on YouTube multiple times each week.
  • Cowboy acting coaches - and how not to get conned.
  • Red flags to look out for when booking acting workshops.
  • - and why I set it up.
  • Why we NEVER discount Act On This membership.
  • Equity's magazine - and why I think it's a waste of £400k.
  • AI - and why actors SHOULD NOT be worried.
  • Self-tape deadlines.
  • Why there's often no alternative, but to work HARD!
  • When to leave your agent - if you're not getting auditions.
  • Looking at your career as a business - and testing your marketing material.
  • Getting perspective on what REALLY matters in life.
  • Why you MUST diversify your skills WITHIN the acting industry.
  • Voiceover - and how it can change everything.
  • The EXACT voiceover kit that I use in my home studio.
  • The greatest wealth in Petch's life.
  • How to be more AUTHENTIC in life and the acting industry.
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

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