PREVIEW - A Definitive Guide To Landing A Role In 'Hollyoaks' - With Head Of Casting Peter Hunt!

casting directors Feb 22, 2023

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So, you're an actor looking to land your first TV role in Hollyoaks right?


Casting director Peter Hunt is head of casting on the show and is on hand to explain EVERYTHING!

In this 90 MINUTE member-only mastermind, Peter shares EXACTLY how casting at Hollyoaks works, we dive into the casting team and how to get on their radar, discuss the very best strategy for when you do land an audition - and members of Act On This jump on camera for some 1-2-1 coaching too!

During the broadcast, we discuss:

  • Peter's entry into the industry and how he ended up at 'Hollyoaks'.
  • Why Peter needs MORE THAN 500 ACTORS every year for the show.
  • The casting team at 'Hollyoaks' - and what everyone does.
  • Reaching out to the team via email - and how to get it RIGHT!
  • Something crucial, that 90% of actors forget about headshots.
  • A Spotlight hack that could DOUBLE your chances of an audition.
  • Showreels - and EXACTLY what Peter needs to see in yours.
  • Why most actors' reels just confuse casting directors.
  • Self-tapes - and how to nail one for 'Hollyoaks'.
  • How to really make an impression at an in-person audition.
  • How screen tests work.
  • Accents - and if they should appear on your reel?
  • Auditioning and working on 'Hollyoaks' if you have small children.
  • The ONE thing Peter wants EVERY actor to know.
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

Follow this blueprint and you can't really go wrong!

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