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Weekly podcasts, LIVE broadcasts, and in-person meet-ups - giving you simple, ACTIONABLE steps to level up YOUR acting career - FAST!


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As the industry's ELITE experts, share their most IMPACTFUL tips and strategies to build your career TODAY!


Every podcast and video gives you straight forward, ACTIONABLE steps to take. Simply implement what you've learnt.

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By implementing what you're learning EVERY WEEK - you'll find it almost IMPOSSIBLE NOT to see BIG results!

Learn From Casting Directors Like These...

'Doctor Who' Casting Director Andy Pryor

Doctor Who casting director, Andy Pryor, shares his knowledge on the best ways actors can land MORE auditions.

'Line Of Duty' Casting Director Daniel Edwards

Daniel Edwards casts some of the BIGGEST drama on UK TV and Netflix. In this Q&A replay, he shares how he discovers new talent!

'Hollyoaks' Casting Director Peter Hunt

Want more auditions for serial drama? Head of Hollyoaks casting, Peter Hunt, shares all the steps required in this Q&A replay!

NEW In-Depth Features EVERY Week - NEVER Feel Stuck Again!

Learn From Agents Like These...

Agent Natalie Payne Of Payne Management

Leading agent Natalie Payne, explains what YOU need to do, to land GREAT acting representation, that leads to work!

Agent Archie Purnell Of Icon Actors Management

Top agent Archie Purnell talks actors through the process of building an authentic and close relationship with your agent.

Agent Guy Howe Of WGM Atlantic Talent Group

Head of WGM, Guy Howe, cuts through the fluff in this podcast, explaining what he needs from an actor, in order to sign them.

STOP Wasting Money On Overpriced Workshops - That Don't Lead To Work!

Learn From Actors Like These...

Oscar-Winning Actress Rachel Shenton

How a short-film, made on a zero-budget took Hollywood by storm, and won Oscar gold! Anything is possible!

'Downton Abbey' Actor Rob James-Collier

How does an untrained actor, end up starring in Downton Abbey - one of the BIGGEST shows on the planet?

Long-Term 'Emmerdale' Actor Danny Miller

Danny Miller is one of the most talented actors in serial drama. In this podcast, he explains the mindset required to WIN!

Who It's For...

Act On This is for ANY actor at ANY level - dedicated to becoming their BEST!

✅ Actors new to the industry, who just DON'T KNOW where to start.

✅ Drama school grads, who didn't get taught the 'business' of the business.

✅ Experienced actors already working in TV, who want to hit their next level.

✅ TV veterans who need to 'get in the room' with casting directors they haven't seen before.

✅ Actors looking for community and accountability for their current career goals.

✅ Anyone who wants to stay on top of the latest industry, casting and audition trends.

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Access ALL Podcasts

Access ALL LIVE Broadcasts

Access ALL Video Interviews

Weekly Mindset Coaching

Monthly 'Career Builder' Calls

Private Community Access

FREE, Monthly Networking Events


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