#ShowreelSurgery – Keeping Your Acting Showreel Alive & Kicking!

#ShowreelSurgery Is Now A Quarterly Feature!

If you are looking for expert critique and feedback on your current acting showreel, you are in the right place.

On a Sunday evening, each quarter - I'll be joined LIVE by the 'Showreel Doctor' - Mr Chris Stone.

Chris is the hottest property in the UK when it comes to actors' showreels. His custom-shot showreels have secured actors work in major TV and film, and are respected by casting directors across the globe.

Our next #ShowreelSurgery will take place on Sunday 21st May 2017 at 6PM - OVER ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE!

Here's How It Works

  • Each #ShowreelSurgery broadcast is 100% LIVE.
  • You will tune in to watch via our Facebook page - click here to go there now!
  • Actors can submit their current showreel for appraisal - 2 days in advance via Twitter (see date of next surgery above).
  • Chris will choose 3 showreels to operate on - LIVE ON THE NIGHT!
  • Each showreel will be looked at in-depth on the broadcast.
  • Chris will appraise each reel, giving advice on how the reel could be improved/ tweaked to be more affective at acquiring the actor MORE AUDITIONS!


Due to the sensitive nature of constructive criticism - there may NOT be a recording of these broadcasts.

WATCH LIVE to avoid missing out.

This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to get expert advice on the pros and cons of your reel, from a showreel expert.

Submitting Your Showreel

It's VERY simply to submit your reel for consideration.

1. Use the buttons below to follow myself and Chris on Twitter.

2. Tweet us a link to your showreel and include the hashtag #ShowreelSurgery - NOW!

Tune in to see if yours has been chosen - even if it hasn't you stand to learn some invaluable lessons in editing, composition and scene selection.

If you don't have a Twitter account, get a FREE one NOW!

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