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So, There's Been Some BIG Changes... Here's What You Need To Know...

In August 2018, Act On This was built again, from the ground-up, using bleeding-edge technology, to give its members the ultimate experience.

* If you were a member of Act On This before August 19th 2018, you may need to re-register - depending on what type of membership you previously had.

If You Had A FREE Membership

On the old site, FREE membership was required to watch and listen to previews of Act On This podcasts, LIVE broadcasts and video interviews.

You no longer need a FREE membership to access these previews.

HOWEVER, If you'd like to access full features - and ALL 200 HOURS of content on the site - GRAB A PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP NOW!

If You Had A Yearly PREMIUM Membership

If you paid for your PREMIUM membership on a yearly basis, your account has been migrated over to the new site.

An email, containing your login details will have been sent to your inbox.

If you cannot find it, or have deleted it, you can recover your password from this screen, using your previously registered email address.

Reach out to [email protected] if you have any issues.

At the end of your current year's membership, you will be asked to re-subscribe via the new site, for continued access.

If You Had A Monthly PREMIUM Membership

* If you paid for your PREMIUM membership on a monthly basis, YOU WILL NEED TO RE-REGISTER & CREATE A BRAND NEW ACCOUNT via the new site.

Your old login details WILL NO LONGER WORK.

CLICK HERE to grab your brand new PREMIUM membership!

Upon doing so, your new monthly payments will begin, and your old monthly payments will be cancelled within 48 hours.

If you do not re-register via the new site by 31st March 2019, your old monthly payments will be cancelled automatically.

New Pricing - The Same Price For Everyone

We've simplified the pricing of PREMIUM membership - with just 2 price points now available.

  • £10 per month
  • £90 per year

I'm sure you'll agree that getting access to the game-changing features and community at Act On This, for the equivalent price of ONE LATTE a week, is an absolute BARGAIN.

If your old PREMIUM membership was on a reduced tariff, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting the community up to this point.

I hope the insane value you've already received has been enough to encourage you to re-subscribe at one of the new price points, and join me on this next leg of the Act On This journey.

If you do continue with your PREMIUM membership, I promise I'll make it worth it.

I intend to EXPLODE this community over the next 12 months - I'd love to have you aboard!

Ross Grant :)

(Actor/ Creator of Act On This)


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