PREVIEW: Simplifying Actors' Tax & Finance - With TOP Accountant Glyn Jelley!

podcast preview Apr 15, 2019

Accounts and tax - not the most exciting topic for actors right?

Well actually, you might be wrong there.

If you are running your acting career as you should - i.e. as a business - these 2 things can actually be pretty exciting.

If you get this area of your career right, you can earn way more money, feel far less stressed when each tax return comes around, and ultimately focus more on what you love... acting!

In this exclusive Act On This podcast, I sit down with TOP actors' accountant Glyn Jelley, to give you the most in-depth education on actors' finance and tax out there.

During our chat, Glyn and I discuss:

  • At what point an actor should register as self-employed.
  • The difference between registering as a sole trader, and as a limited company.
  • The tipping point, where you really should register as a limited company.
  • Where you need to go to get registered.
  • VAT - what it is, and how it applies to actors.
  • The myriad of expenses actors should be offsetting against their income, to save on tax.
  • The 4 things most actors claim for, that they really shouldn't.
  • The best ways to keep track of your expenses.
  • The 2 types of national insurance you should be paying as an actor.
  • The ways in which actors can flag up for investigation by HMRC.
  • Why no one is immune to investigation, no matter how much or how little they earn.
  • The MAJOR advantages of employing an accountant from day one.
  • Automating your accounts and software to make tax digital.
  • An EXCLUSIVE offer for Act On This members to get FREE accountancy from Glyn.
  • Glyn's TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

This is a BIG podcast, but it's one that could save you A LOT of money.

Pen and paper at the ready - hit 'play'!


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