PREVIEW: Working At The VERY Top - With Casting Director Dan Hubbard CDG!

live broadcast preview Aug 20, 2018

Dan Hubbard CDG needs no introduction - but we'll give him one anyway!

Dan is an absolute powerhouse in casting and has been responsible for casting no less than 16 feature films in the last couple of years .

Titles included Angel Has Fallen - starring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman, Ilkley - starring Derek Jacobi, and Executive Producer - starring Orlando Bloom.

Dan and the team at Hubbard Casting have cast some of the biggest film and TV franchises of all time - including The Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, Tomb Raider, 24, Homeland and many, many more.

In this EXCLUSIVE Act On This LIVE broadcast replay, Dan shares his incredible knowledge on what it really takes to make it as an actor at the highest level.


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