PREVIEW: Why 2020 Is NOT The Year To Play It Safe - With 53two's Simon Naylor & Alex Maxwell!

podcast preview Dec 16, 2019

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53two was established back in 2016, by actor Simon Naylor - and has very quickly become a central pillar of the Manchester theatre scene.

Now the largest and most versatile arts venue in the city, 53two plays host to some of the most exciting new writing and new talent in the UK.

I invited Simon and 53two manager - Alex Maxwell - into the studio (erm... kitchen) to explain how YOU can get involved throughout 2020 and beyond, AND why this next decade is the perfect time to be taking more risks in your life and career!

During our chat, we discuss:

  • How I met Simon and Alex on a recent commercial shoot.
  • The critical importance of taking FAST ACTION!
  • Simon's first venture - Manchester Actors' Platform.
  • The evolution of 53two and why Simon set it up in 2016.
  • The £30k LOAN Simon had to take out to make it a reality.
  • How Alex became the manager of 53two.
  • Why most long meetings could be cut down to 7 minutes.
  • How Simon and Alex look for new writing and new faces to showcase at 53two.
  • The next phase of 53two, and their brand new venue.
  • JB Shorts - and why you want to be involved with this incredible showcase.
  • How to put your own show on at 53two.
  • The advantages of meeting casting directors at the theatre.
  • How 53two is making theatre accessible for ALL performers and audiences.
  • The importance of social media in a 2020 world and beyond.
  • Why it's time to start taking MORE RISKS!
  • Simon and Alex's TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

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