PREVIEW: The Act On This BIG 2022 Wrap Up - With Ross Grant & Producer Petch!

podcast preview Dec 23, 2022

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WOW - what a year 2022 has been!

Full of ups, downs and EVERYTHING in-between - with some INCREDIBLE lessons learned by all!

To end with a bang, producer Petch and I wanted to share our TOP 5 lessons of 2022 on our BIG end of year wrap up!

During this podcast, we discuss:

  • Why I've focused on SLEEP this year and how it can SUPER-charge your acting career.
  • Leaving agents and what to avoid when you do.
  • Why you MUST ALWAYS follow your gut in 2023.
  • Work/ life balance and if it even exists at all?
  • How life isn't perfect - and why you must be okay with that.
  • Why actors need to focus more on MINDSET than ever before.
  • Being unapologetically you and authentic to yourself.
  • Money - and earning much more of it in 2023.
  • The reality of running your own business to support your acting career.
  • Bringing the fun back into your acting career.
  • Accepting that you won't always get the job - even when you do EVERYTHING right!
  • Making positivity LOUDER and being a force for GOOD on social media.
  • The future of Act On This and why actors must join the community!
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

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