PREVIEW: The Act On This BIG 2021 Wrap Up - With Ross Grant, Petch & Special Industry Guests! (Part 2)

podcast preview Dec 23, 2021

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AND... we're back with part 2 of this VERY special podcast folks!

To celebrate 2021 in style, I thought it was time to sit down with Petch, for another no holds barred conversation on all things acting and life!

The result was an ALMOST 4 HOUR feature, with some incredible guests joining the conversation via phone too!

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During part 2, we discuss:

  • Our losses in 2021 and what they've taught us.
  • Spirituality and if 'The Secret' is actually real?
  • Why 2022 is the BEST time to be a new face in the TV industry.
  • Why you need to have more conversations than ever in 2022.
  • Intimate relationships and what they bring to your life and career.
  • Overthinking and why it ruins everything.
  • Asking for what you WANT and why you must take your shot.
  • Risk and being vulnerable.
  • The 4 main human needs which dictate ALL behaviour.
  • Work/ life balance and why it probably DOESN'T exist.
  • Why you MUST stop caring about other people's opinions.
  • The most common emails I get from Act On This members.
  • Tips for brand new actors, who are not going to drama school.
  • The most influential people in my life.
  • Why your brand is simply your casting type.
  • My mum's best advice for actors in 2022! Haha!
  • The future of Act On This and why actors must join the community!
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

Ready to call 'cut' on 2021?

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