PREVIEW: Taking Control Of Your Creativity - With Viral Filmmaker Phil Beastall!

podcast preview Feb 24, 2019

Director, Phil Beastall took over Christmas 2018, with a short film titled, Love Is A Gift - you can watch it below.

I saw it on Facebook, cried, and felt COMPELLED to share it with my friends. 3 weeks later, that video had racked up 8 MILLION views, and Phil was all over morning TV.

Was it luck? Could Phil do it again - had he discovered a formula for viral video? Or... was it hard work, patience, and a twist of fate that created the perfect storm?

I invited Phil to record this podcast, to explain all!

During our chat, Phil and I discussed:

  • Where Love Is A Gift came from, and how it was born out of frustration.
  • How the film received very little love itself, for more than 4 years!
  • Why Phil decided to release it again in 2018.
  • The media circus that followed.
  • Why it's critical to STOP WAITING - and start taking control of your own creativity.
  • How, in reality, the world owes you NOTHING at all!
  • Phil's latest music video, starring actor Peter Capaldi.
  • The importance of letting go of control.
  • Why you should aim to work with people more talented than you!
  • How running changed both mine and Phil's lives!
  • Why Phil puts attitude above talent, when working with actors.
  • Why you just need to stop worrying!
  • Phil's TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

You're gonna LOVE this - hit 'play' NOW!

Watch Love Is A Gift

Watch 'Someone You Loved'


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