PREVIEW: Taking Big Risks For BIG Rewards - With 'Line Of Duty' & 'Doctor Who' Actress Rochenda Sandall!

live broadcast preview Apr 29, 2022

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Rochenda Sandall is some of the UK's hottest acting property right now.

Recent credits include the formidable Line Of Duty, Doctor Who and upcoming Amazon exclusive The Rig.

In this 2 HOUR member-only mastermind, Rochenda explains EXACTLY how she's built her career, we dive deep into the power of networking, discuss the risks required for BIG reward - and members of Act On This jump on camera for some 1-2-1 coaching too!

During the broadcast, we discuss:

  • Rochenda's journey into the industry and her overwhelming desire to move to London.
  • Drama school and if it's REALLY worth the £50k price tag?
  • Rochenda's roles on 'Line Of Duty' & 'Doctor Who' - and how they came about.
  • What she learned working with Stephen Graham.
  • Getting in the zone before a big audition.
  • Working with prosthetics - and why you can't if you're claustrophobic!
  • Agents - and why Rochenda signed with the agent RADA told her NOT to.
  • The early days and fighting for those first TV credits.
  • Letting go of expectations and chilling out in the industry.
  • Reigniting your career, when things go quiet.
  • Transitioning from day player roles, to guests leads and leads.
  • PATIENCE and accepting that the journey is long.
  • Finding your 'why' in the industry.
  • Day jobs and why 90% of actors still need them.
  • Rochenda's method for creating 3D characters.
  • The importance of having a life outside the industry.
  • Crushing self-tapes, when you don't have much context to go off.
  • The ONE thing Rochenda wants EVERY actor to know.
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

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