PREVIEW: Success In Short Films - With Danny Miller & Daniel Jillings!

live broadcast preview Nov 20, 2020

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Got an idea for a short film, but don't know where to start?

Don't worry, you're not on your own - Emmerdale's Danny Miller and Enemy Lines' actor Daniel Jillings felt exactly the same.

In this 2 HOUR mastermind call, we discuss how they pushed through this uncertainty, to write, star in and direct their first short film PACE.

We premiere the now award-winning film - and members of Act On This jump on camera for some 1-2-1 coaching too!

During the broadcast, we discuss:

  • Danny and Daniel's recent TV credits and why they felt it was now time to create their own work.
  • Where the idea for 'PACE' came from and why it's always a good idea to write what you know.
  • Why the key to writing a great script, is to simply START writing.
  • The work that goes into getting a script off the ground... BUT... why it's SO worth the effort.
  • Why you don't need a massive budget to create your own content.
  • The message in 'PACE' and how one micro-decision can completely change your life.
  • Why the strength of your network is crucial, when you're looking to collaborate with others.
  • How the boys recruited an all-star cast - and how YOU can too.
  • The various ways to raise money for your project, if you need to.
  • Why Danny locked Daniel in a police cell for an hour, before they started shooting.
  • Future projects and what's next for the lads.
  • The ONE thing Danny and Daniel want EVERY actor to know.
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

If you're ready to start shooting YOUR first short...

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