PREVIEW: Showreel Surgery LIVE - With TOP Showreel Producer Chris Stone!

live broadcast preview Oct 14, 2020

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If you've been around Act On This a while, you'll have no doubt seen Chris Stone's work. In my opinion this guy is the BEST showreel producer in the UK - and he's the only person I'll trust with my own reel.

In this 2 HOUR 'Showreel Surgery', we dissect 8 member showreels, giving advanced-level tricks and tactics to make ANY showreel pop - ENSURING your footage gives you the very best chance of landing auditions, for the biggest shows out there!

During the broadcast, we discuss:

  • The BIG mistake 99% of actors make in the first 2 seconds of their showreel.
  • Understanding your casting type and playing to your strengths.
  • Shooting scenes from scratch and where most actors go wrong.
  • Tailoring your reel, in order to land TV day player roles.
  • Why choosing the right showreel partner is CRITICAL for success.
  • Editing your own reel and the pitfalls most actors fall into.
  • Costume - and how it can make or break your performance.
  • The IDEAL length for a showreel - down to the second.
  • How to order your scenes for the biggest impact.
  • Why your last scene is just as important as your first.
  • When it's appropriate to have multiple showreels.
  • The 8 things every reel should have.
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

Is YOUR showreel in need of some surgery?

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