PREVIEW: Showreel Surgery LIVE Q3 2021 - With TOP Showreel Producer Chris Stone!

live broadcast preview Aug 06, 2021

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We're bringing you ANOTHER one actors!

The UK's #1 showreel producer - Mr Chris Stone - IS BACK for another Act On This member-only 'Showreel Surgery LIVE' session!

In this 2.5 HOUR deep-dive, Chris dissects 6 Act On This member showreels, shares the latest happenings within custom showreel production - and we discuss the very latest strategies to guarantee your reel gets you noticed by casting directors and agents, for all the RIGHT reasons!

During the broadcast, we discuss:

  • The latest custom showreel trends.
  • The ONE pitfall actors are falling into - that we have NEVER looked at before.
  • Chris' recent work and shooting showreel scenes that fit actors like a glove.
  • 8 secrets to showreel success.
  • Why your showreel partner is CRITICAL - and where most actors fall short when casting their own scenes.
  • Showreel scene order - and getting it right.
  • Branding and how easy it is to confuse casting directors.
  • Re-editing scenes to focus more on YOU.
  • The best showreel strategy for actors looking for their first TV credit.
  • The social media platform your reel MUST be on.
  • Vimeo Vs YouTube and which platform is best for hosting a reel.
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

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