PREVIEW: Quick-Fire Casting Roundtable - With Andy Pryor & Ri McDaid-Wren!

podcast preview Oct 07, 2019

Casting director Andy Pryor, and associate Ri McDaid-Wren, are 2 of my favourite people in the industry. Not only do they cast the BIGGEST shows on TV - Doctor Who, Gentleman Jack, Years And Years, The A Word... - they are also a real force for GOOD!

After recently attending a drama readthrough with Andy and Ri - I took the opportunity to drag them back to my apartment, for a quick-fire, roundtable podcast, on all things casting and auditions.

During our chat, Andy, Ri and I discuss:

  • Casting the biggest drama on TV.
  • When to reach out to a casting director, and what to say!
  • What NOT to say, and how not to overdo it.
  • What makes for a great audition.
  • Why it's SO IMPORTANT to create your own work.
  • The mindset shift that actors need to make towards auditions.
  • The hustle required to land your first TV credit.
  • Why casting directors want EVERYONE to be GREAT!
  • The production values required for self-tapes - they're not what you think!
  • The double-edged sword of social media.
  • Agents - and their relationships with casting directors.
  • Why Andy and Ri DON'T need you to be with one of the BIGGEST agents.
  • Diversity - and why it REALLY matters to Andy and Ri!
  • Persistence - and why you MUST keep going, even when it's hard!

And MUCH MUCH more!

If you're scared to put yourself out there - you NEED to hear this!

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