PREVIEW: Positivity, Preparation & Alan Partridge - With Actress Susannah Fielding!

podcast preview May 12, 2019

Super-talented actress, Susannah Fielding, was thrust into the spotlight recently - playing the role of Jennie Gresham, in Steve Coogan's latest BBC One outing, This Time With Alan Partridge.

This certainly wasn't Susannah's first rodeo though, and what many might perceive as overnight success, was actually the culmination of 12 years+ hard work, grit, and determination.

In this exclusive Act On This podcast, I sit down with Susannah to chat about her incredible journey - and get the full low down on what it was like to spend six weeks on a sofa with Alan!

During our chat, Susannah and I discuss:

  • Susannah's entry into the acting world.
  • The point she realised that acting could be a viable career for her.
  • Her route to drama school, and her biggest takeaways.
  • How she left drama school with BOTH an agent and a job.
  • How Susannah prefers to work with her agent.
  • The importance of hustling for yourself.
  • Why you MUST ask the industry for what you want.
  • Why PREPARATION is EVERYTHING in a casting.
  • What it was like to perform at the National Theatre one night, and be washing pots the next.
  • The times Susannah has wanted to pack it all in.
  • Why it's so important to surround yourself with positive people.
  • Her 90 minute improvised casting with Steve Coogan.
  • What it was like to shoot, 'This Time With Alan Partridge'.
  • The 3 things Susannah would do NOW, if she was starting her acting career again.
  • Why you must have trust in the Universe.
  • Susannah's TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

Prepare to be inspired by this wonderful actress.

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