PREVIEW: Making INTELLIGENT Decisions - With Icon & Rare Talent Agent Reece McDonagh!

agents Jul 12, 2022

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Reece McDonagh is company director and senior acting agent at Icon Actors Management and their sister division Rare Talent.

Repping both established names and brand new faces, Reece is super-passionate about helping actors level up their careers FAST!

In this 90 MINUTE member-only podcast, we dive deep into Reece's agent journey, break down EXACTLY what YOU need to do to get signed, Reece shares some killer strategies on how to land more auditions - and we discuss the number ONE reason most actors are currently unfulfilled!

During this podcast, we discuss:

  • Reece's start in the industry and his transition from actor to agent.
  • Icon Actors Management, Rare Talent and how both acting divisions operate.
  • Some Act On This members currently repped by Reece.
  • The BEST approach to get on Reece's radar.
  • Showreels, headshots - and getting them right.
  • Why self-tapes can often be more useful than a glossy showreel.
  • Emailing Icon and Rare for rep - and making INTELLIGENT decisions.
  • Reece's taste in actors - and why passion matters.
  • The most recent actors Reece has signed - and WHY he signed them.
  • How to send Reece a DIRECT request for representation.
  • Why you DON'T need anyone's permission to take action in your career.
  • Why so many actors have their priorities WRONG.
  • Twitter - and toxic negativity.
  • Mindset and celebrating other actors' success.
  • Agent problems - and the adversity Reece faces every day.
  • Tactics to help actors land more auditions.
  • Actors leaving agents and agents letting actors go.
  • The 3 truths Reece wants EVERY actor to know.
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

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