PREVIEW: Maintaining A Winner's Mindset - With Emmerdale's Asan N'Jie!

podcast preview Dec 10, 2018

I met Asan N'Jie in May of 2018, whilst working on an episode of BBC's Casualty.

One thing INSTANTLY struck me about this guy... his mindset and mental-game was STRONG - I knew Asan was one of life's winners.

During our week of filming, I discovered that Asan had experienced more than his fair share of adversity too, which made his mindset even more remarkable.

5 months later, he landed the regular role of Ellis Chapman in Emmerdale.

I had to invite him round to record a podcast, to tell his story, and share his experience of cultivating a psychology for success - even at the darkest of times.

During our chat, Asan and I discussed:

  • How his journey into the acting profession began.
  • What Asan did in the early days to learn more about success.
  • The pact Asan made to his best mate Dan.
  • Asan's early drama school applications, and why RADA never called him back.
  • Why some people didn't think a young black lad from Doncaster should even be at drama school.
  • Why Asan chose to study at Mountview.
  • The showcase that landed him one of the BIGGEST agents in the UK.
  • The psychological battle of booking acting work.
  • The day Asan realised he only had £6.50 in his bank account - and NO JOB!
  • Why Asan had to call his agent and tell him he wanted time out.
  • The casting process for Emmerdale.
  • What he has learnt since joining the cast.
  • Working on the set of Ready Player One with Steven Spielberg.
  • Why Asan NEEDS to be a successful actor.
  • The critical ingredients for a winning belief-system.
  • Asan's TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

This is hands-down, one of the most inspiring things you will hear - GET READY!


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