PREVIEW: Knowledge Is Power - With Casting Associate Faye Timby (Sophie Holland Casting)!

live broadcast preview Apr 22, 2020

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After our recent webinar with The Witcher casting director Sophie Holland, the Act On This community was demanding more!

So... to delve even deeper into the casting process at Sophie's office, I invited her AWESOME casting associate, Faye Timby, over for another LIVE casting Q&A!

ln this 2 HOUR chat, Faye explains her role at Sophie Holland Casting, and gives members of Act On This, some 1-2-1 career coaching!

During the broadcast, we discuss:

  • Faye's entry into the industry, and how she ended up in casting.
  • How Faye and Sophie persuade execs to take more chances on new talent.
  • The difference between casting assistants and casting associates.
  • Getting the attention of casting professionals on social media.
  • The fine line between comedy and drama.
  • Making showreels on your own - and on a budget.
  • Sending emails to casting directors, their assistants, and associates.
  • How to get your email RIGHT - and what most actors fail to do.
  • What REALLY happens when you leave the audition room.
  • The FULL casting process, from audition to offer.
  • Inclusivity in casting - and what more can be done.
  • Entering the acting industry, after working in another profession.
  • Embracing who you are, and where you fit in the industry.
  • Film festivals, and which ones Faye goes to.
  • Why SO MANY actors are petrified to reach out to casting directors.
  • If drama school training really matters?
  • What should ALWAYS be left outside the audition room.
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

Faye is a TRUE HERO of the casting world!

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