PREVIEW: It's A Real Team Effort - With Director Philip Barantini & Team #BoilingPoint!

live broadcast preview Apr 29, 2020

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Philip Barantini is one of the UK's most promising directors - having already achieved great success, after transitioning from actor to director, just 2 years ago.

His latest film, Boiling Point, stars Stephen Graham, Jason Flemyng, Ray Panthaki, Vinette Robinson, Malachi Kirby, Izuka Hoyle, and a whole host of incredible talent.

ln this 2 HOUR chat, Philip is joined by Izuka, Malachi, and his agent/ business partner, Sara Sedhev - to discuss the making of the film, and to give members of Act On This, some 1-2-1 career coaching!

During the broadcast, we discuss:

  • The team's history and how each person got involved with 'Boiling Point'.
  • Philip's transition from actor to director.
  • Getting an idea out of your head, and on its way into production.
  • How 'Boiling Point' was developed from a short film, into a feature.
  • The improvised auditions for 'Boiling Point'.
  • The importance of creating a real team on set.
  • The team's advice for actors just starting out in the industry.
  • Whether drama school is necessary or not?
  • How to leverage short films to land your ideal role.
  • Producing your own short films, and telling stories personal to you.
  • Getting funding to produce your own work.
  • Attracting TOP NAME actors to star in your short films.
  • A little-known hack to get great kit, for FREE!
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

Team work makes the DREAM WORK baby!

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