PREVIEW: How To Write, Fund & Shoot Your First Short Film - With Actor Liam Collins!

podcast preview Jun 23, 2019

A few months back, I got an Instagram DM, asking me to check out an actor's first short film.

I get A LOT of requests to watch stuff, and always try where I can. The quality of projects varies, but once in a while I'm really blown away.

Actor, Liam Collins' film, My Toughest Battle - starring Coronation Street's Brooke Vincent -  was one of these instances.

The film tells the story of a young boxer, who fights to understand and talk about his depression. Its production values are great, the cast do an incredible job, and it carries a really important message about mental health.

Another important message it carries - is that if YOU are an actor, with an idea for a short film - YOU REALLY SHOULD MAKE IT!

I got Liam over for a chat, to tell us EXACTLY how you do that!

During our chat, Liam and I discuss:

  • Liam's entry into the acting industry.
  • The importance of taking your acting career into your own hands.
  • Why actors need to STOP wasting money on sh*t, and start spending it on their career!
  • Where the inspiration for My Toughest Battle came from.
  • Mental health, and its prevalence in today's society.
  • How Liam wrote the film in just one night.
  • Why Liam had to lose 2 stone to star in his film.
  • How Liam managed to raise £20k to fund the film.
  • Casting decisions and how Corrie's Brooke Vincent got involved.
  • How you assemble a crew to shoot a short film.
  • Why your producer is EVERYTHING!
  • The hidden costs of post-production.
  • The best ways to promote a short film.
  • Short film festivals, and the ones worth entering.
  • The importance of determination and trusting your gut.
  • How EVERYONE has a story to tell!
  • Whether or not, you can you REALLY be fearless?
  • Liam's TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

If you've been thinking of creating your own short film - THIS podcast is invaluable!

Hit 'play' NOW!

My Toughest Battle Trailer

My Toughest Battle Trailer from SkyBlue Productions on Vimeo.


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