PREVIEW: How To Use Social Media To Build & Grow Your Acting Career - With Marketing Master Oli Reynolds!

podcast preview Sep 15, 2019

Love it or hate it, social media isn't going anywhere, and if used correctly, it's the most POWERFUL thing on the planet, to grow your personal brand, gain attention for all the right reasons, and ultimately BOOK MORE ACTING WORK!

One guy who has transformed my use of social media, both in my acting career, and when it comes to Act On This - is actor and social media marketing agency owner - Oli Reynolds.

I got Oli behind the mic, to share his very best strategies, on the use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to build and grow an acting career!

During our chat, Oli and I discuss:

  • Why EVERY actor should be using social media to build an audience.
  • The kind of content you should be posting.
  • The most popular person on Instagram - and the fact that he's an actor.
  • What to post, when you feel you having nothing to share.
  • Figuring out YOUR core pillars, when it comes to content.
  • AVR scores - and what they are.
  • Why your audience is NOT other actors!
  • Why you must share your losses, and NOT just your wins.
  • Using social media to sell tickets to shows, and to crowdfund acting projects.
  • The power of Facebook re-targeting/ ads.
  • How to play with Instagram's algorithm and build your following via #hashtags.
  • How having a viral hit, can change your life FOREVER!
  • Twitter - and how to use it to network with casting directors.
  • How to build your Twitter following VERY EASILY!
  • Why most actors fail to build any kind of following - because they're SELFISH!
  • Oli's TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

THIS podcast will change the way you see social media!

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