PREVIEW: How To Launch A Voiceover Career - With Hannah Ralph From The Voiceover Gallery!

podcast preview Sep 24, 2018

Fifteen years ago, I was introduced to the voiceover industry - it TRANSFORMED my life.

I'd discovered a world that went hand-in-hand with my acting career.

A world, where I could use my acting talent on a weekly basis, to earn 5x my minimum wage salary, in 10x LESS TIME!

Voiceover hasn't just benefitted me financially though - it's a rich, vibrant, fulfilling industry, full of AMAZING people, and AMAZING projects.

Today I voice everything from TV and radio commercials, to documentaries, video games, and cartoons.

One woman who has been pivotal in my success, is talent manager, Hannah Ralph, of The Voiceover Gallery - my wonderful VO agent.

I sat down with Hannah, to talk about all things VO - and to explain how actors can break into this incredible industry TODAY!

During our chat, Hannah and I discussed:

  • The sheer amount of voiceover work available right now.
  • How voiceover agents acquire work for their clients.
  • What a voiceover reel is, and how it's used to book work.
  • The most common pitfalls actors make, when producing a voicereel.
  • THE PROVEN FORMULA you need to follow, when putting together YOUR voicereel.
  • How to submit a voicereel to a voiceover agent.
  • THE major platform actors neglect when looking for a voiceover agent.
  • The 'other' attributes that make an actor attractive to a voiceover agent.
  • The pros and cons of setting up a home studio.
  • How an actor can find voiceover work WITHOUT an agent.
  • Hannah's step by step blueprint for any actor wanting a career in voiceover.

And MUCH MUCH more!

THIS info ISN'T available anywhere else - get a notepad out - it's PURE GOLD!


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