PREVIEW: How To Find A Great Acting Agent - With Jane Hollowood!

podcast preview Aug 20, 2018

Agents eh?

They are a BIG part of the acting industry and a HUGE part of your acting career success... BUT so many actors struggle when it comes to finding great representation.

Those who do find it, often have trouble making the actor/ agent relationship work, some actors feel afraid to even call their agents, and many actors find themselves jumping ship too early.

These actors end up between agents with no sense of career direction.

To learn how to avoid all of these mistakes I dropped by the offices of Jane Hollowood, to get answers to the most common questions on agents, submitted by the Act On This community!

Jane runs the hugely successful Manchester-based agency Jane Hollowood Associates and has been in the acting industry for more than 35 years!

During our chat, Jane and I discussed:

  • The average day in the life of an agent.
  • The best ways for an actor to approach an agent for representation.
  • Pitfalls actors fall into when meeting an agent face to face.
  • What Jane wants to see in every cover letter sent to her by an actor.
  • The mistakes many actors make when editing their showreel scenes.
  • The right way to go about changing agents.
  • What Jane classes as 'success' in the acting industry.
  • Jane's 3 pieces of life advice to every actor out there.

And MUCH MUCH more!

Jane is a great agent and says things exactly as they are.

This is one of the most honest interviews I've heard from an agent full stop.


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