PREVIEW: Hard Work & Honesty Equals Success - With Head ‘act4tv’ Tutor Joe Simpson!

podcast preview Aug 20, 2018

Viewers of my weekly vlog #WatchRoss, will know that I headed back to my old TV acting class recently.

Whilst there, I bumped into the super-talented actor and head 'act4tv' tutor - Joe Simpson.

Joe is a working actor, with 30 YEARS professional experience - and SO MUCH passion for the acting industry, it's insane!

He's not famous, hasn't won a BAFTA - but he's very rarely off our screens!

I just HAD to ask Joe to take part in a podcast with me - and of course he said YES!

During our chat, Joe and I discussed:

  • The most common problem his acting students face - and how to fix it!
  • The number one thing actors should focus on, in order to have success.
  • How Joe moved away from his day job, to go ALL IN on his acting career.
  • How many actors feel they are entitled to a career - when they AREN'T!
  • Why the acting industry is both the BEST and the WORST industry on the planet.
  • The thing you should NEVER do in a TV audition.
  • How having kids changed Joe's outlook on acting.
  • Why there is no substitution for hard work.
  • What success means to Joe. Joe's success habits.
  • The advice Joe would go back and give his 20 year-old self.

And MUCH MUCH more!



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