PREVIEW: Good Actors Earn Opportunity - With Head Of BBC Drama North Tom Sherry!

video interview preview Aug 20, 2018

*Since filming this #ActOnThisTV episode, Tom has moved from Red Production Company, to the BBC - where he is now head of BBC Drama - North.

It's not every day us actors get to speak to the high-powered execs, and Tom Sherry is one of the best in the industry.

Tom has produced MASSIVE TV drama, including ITV's Paranoid, the awesome Scott & Bailey, Ordinary Lies and Prey, to name but a few.

I asked Tom to join me at 'On The 7th' in MediaCityUK to open up the world of high-end producing to you!

During our chat, Tom and I discussed:

  • The actual roles and responsibilities of an exec producer.
  • The secrets behind Red Production Company's continued success.
  • Why Tom chooses the casting directors he works with regularly.
  • What disappoints him most about some actors at audition.
  • Why casting smaller roles is often much harder than the big ones.
  • Why good actors earn their opportunities in life.
  • Why ALL actors should be nurturing a solid presence online.
  • Why you should NEVER give up if you believe passionately about what you're doing.
  • Why preparation is key to anything.
  • Tom's BIGGEST life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

This is a unique opportunity to hear from one of the country's most talented execs!


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