PREVIEW: Getting That Guest Role - With Coronation Street Director Nic Phillips!

podcast preview Nov 04, 2018

Nic Phillips has been a TV director for almost 40 years - and in that time he's directed some iconic shows!

Everything from Grange Hill to Casualty, The Bill, Birds Of A Feather, Goodnight Sweetheart, My Family, and EastEnders.

As I type this, Nic is over on the cobbles, directing Coronation Street.

I know LOTS of actors in the Act On This community, are currently looking for guest roles in shows like Coronation Street and EastEnders - so I couldn't think of anyone better to sit down with, and quiz, on how to make that happen!

During our chat, Nic and I discussed:

  • Nic's 40 years as a director.
  • The casting process behind serial dramas like Corrie & EastEnders.
  • How to get the attention of serial drama casting directors.
  • Why most actors fail in serial drama auditions.
  • How Nic categorises auditionees into A, B and C lists.
  • What those A-listers are doing to book roles.
  • How to ensure you work with Nic again, once you've booked a guest role.
  • The EXACT on-set process of shooting a guest role.
  • The CRITICAL importance of a can-do attitude.
  • Why having a tough life, leads to an easier ride in the acting industry.
  • The secrets behind Nic's success as a director.
  • Why you should NEVER look to other people for blame.
  • Nic's greatest life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

This is a WHOPPER - get a pen and paper ready!


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