PREVIEW: Following Your Creative Calling - With 'Emmerdale' Actress Isobel Steele!

podcast preview Sep 30, 2019

Isobel Steele was thrust into the limelight, after landing the role of Liv Flaherty, in ITV's Emmerdale, back in 2015!

3 and a half years later, and Liv has become one of the serial drama's most popular characters.

However, Isobel isn't just an actress - she's also a keen musician, and a SUPER-talented singer... disciplines she would also likely to turn into professional careers.

I invited Izzi over, to record a podcast on pursuing multiple creative endeavours, and why YOU ARE NOT cheating on your acting career, whilst exploring your creative calling!

During our chat, Isobel and I discuss:

  • Isobel's entry into the acting industry.
  • The role in Emmerdale that SHE DIDN'T LAND!
  • Dealing with rejection, and moving on.
  • Being called in to audition for Liv, and the screen test that changed her life.
  • The biggest lessons Izzi has learned on the show.
  • How she deals with super-emotional scenes.
  • Why less is often MORE in a scene.
  • Coming back to the basics of acting.
  • Having the courage to ask for what you want on set.
  • Creativity - and why it's EVERYWHERE!
  • Following your creative calling - and tasting new things.
  • Isobel's singing career and her new EP.
  • Why you MUST put out regular content to stay relevant.
  • Izzi's reluctance to put out content at times.
  • Social media and utilising it for GOOD!
  • Getting over OTHER PEOPLE'S opinions of us.
  • Izzi's TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

All creatives need to listen to this!

Hit 'play' NOW!


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