PREVIEW: Finding YOUR OWN Way Into Acting - With 'Years And Years' Actress Lydia West!

podcast preview May 21, 2019

Lydia West is, in my opinion, one of TV's brightest young stars - recently appearing as Bethany, in Russell T Davies' era-defining drama, Years And Years.

I first met Lydia at the read-through for the show, and didn't know at the time, that I'd go on to play Billy - Bethany's boss.

It was during filming where I discovered Lydia's less than typical entry into the acting industry, and the inspiring story that has brought her to where she is today.

I just had to invite her over to record a podcast, to tell you guys all about it too!

During our chat, Lydia and I discuss:

  • Lydia's first foray into the world of performance.
  • The injury that would change the course of her life forever.
  • Her decision NOT to train at a traditional drama school.
  • The fringe play that landed her one of the BIGGEST agents in the industry.
  • The months of hard work, rejection, and perseverance that followed.
  • Lydia's big break, and her audition for Years And Years.
  • Why you should ALWAYS just be yourself at castings.
  • Landing the role of Bethany and Lydia's first day on set.
  • Lydia's biggest takeaway from her first lead role on TV.
  • Why you shouldn't listen to anyone else's opinion but your own.
  • The bad advice that could have stopped Lydia's career in its tracks.
  • Why the well-trodden path isn't always the one you should take.
  • Lydia's TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

You are going to LOVE THIS.

Hit 'play'!


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