PREVIEW: Developing Mental Toughness - With Emmerdale's Danny Miller!

podcast preview Mar 11, 2019

With 23 accolades to his name, including multiple 'Best Actor' gongs at The British Soap Awards, Danny Miller is without a doubt, one of the country's biggest TV talents.

He's played Emmerdale's Aaron Dingle for over a decade, has guested in some HUGE TV dramas, and to most actors trying to break into the industry, would appear to have it all.

But has this success come about struggle free? Does a regular job in serial drama really make you happy? And how do you keep on top of your mental health, when nobody has ever taught you how to deal with the trappings of fame and fortune?

I just had to get Danny into the studio to find out.

During our chat, Danny and I discussed:

  • Why Danny chose to leave Emmerdale in 2013, and his journey back into the soap a year later.
  • The reality and risks of leaving regular acting work.
  • How Danny first got into Emmerdale, over a decade ago.
  • How he ended up on a lads' holiday the DAY BEFORE his big audition.
  • The route Danny would take into the industry, if he was starting over again today.
  • How Danny attacks a script, and the tragedy that led him to an emotional breakthrough in his work.
  • Why he prefers NOT to rehearse his BIG scenes.
  • Why you MUST get over other people's judgement, and utilise social media to distribute your own acting work.
  • Why Danny likes to put out original content on Instagram.
  • Why we should all start talking more about mental health and mindset.
  • Danny's struggles with depression and mental health.
  • Why acknowledging your anxiety, helps you control it.
  • Why it's CRITICAL you learn everything around self-employment and tax.
  • Danny's TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

You are gonna love how open Danny is in this chat!


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