PREVIEW: 'Dark Money' Roundtable - With Jill Halfpenny, Lewis Arnold & Victor Jenkins!

podcast preview Jul 16, 2019

Dark Money - directed by Lewis Arnold, cast by Victor Jenkins, starring Jill Halfpenny - is a dramatic triumph.

The show tells the fictional story of The Mensahs, whose lives are torn apart, after accepting a substantial pay off, to cover up the sexual abuse of their son, Issac.

The damage done by this dark money, runs deep, and the price of taking it is high.

In this roundtable podcast, I sit down with Lewis, Victor and Jill, to find out EXACTLY what went in to producing this outstanding 4-part series.

During our chat, we discuss:

  • Lewis', Victor's, and Jill's first impressions of the script.
  • The casting process behind the show.
  • How Jill prepared for her Dark Money audition.
  • Jill's recall, and why she didn't think she had landed the role.
  • How actors OVERTHINK almost ALL casting situations.
  • Why it's SUPER-important to know casting associates - not just casting directors.
  • How Lewis planned for the show's most emotional scenes, and how he got the best performances out of the cast.
  • The intricacies of directing younger actors.
  • How Jill coped with shooting highly emotive scenes, out of chronological order.
  • The BIGGEST lessons learnt from shooting Dark Money.
  • The group's TOP acting career advice, for those wanting to work in high-end TV drama.

And MUCH MUCH more!

This is THE MOST rounded podcast I have ever recorded for Act On This!

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