PREVIEW: Crushing Commercial Castings - With TOP Commercial Casting Director Martin Gibbons!

live broadcast preview Apr 08, 2020

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Casting director Martin Gibbons, is one of the BIGGEST commercial casting directors in the UK - looking after brands including McDonalds, Nike, Reebok, Barclaycard, McCain and Sky.

So, how should you be preparing for commercial auditions, and how different are they to traditional TV drama auditions?

In this 90 MINUTE online Q&A, Martin explains all, and gives members of Act On This, some 1-2-1 career coaching!

During the broadcast, we discuss:

  • Martin's transition from actor, to casting director - 8 years ago!
  • The components of a GREAT commercial casting.
  • The unnecessary pressure that actors put themselves under - and why they shouldn't.
  • Getting a 2nd chance, if a casting doesn't go well for you.
  • Opportunities in the industry for older actors.
  • The main differences between commercial and drama castings.
  • The most under-utilised section of an actors' Spotlight profile.
  • Headshots and how many you should have.
  • Whether commercial showreels are necessary or not.
  • Why many actors want to run, before they can walk.
  • How much your physical location matters, when submitting yourself for work.
  • The ballpark figures you can earn from commercials right now.
  • When commercial briefs ask for 'real people' - what they really mean.
  • How Martin uses social media to look for actors.

And MUCH MUCH more!

I promise that you'll LOVE this guy!

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