PREVIEW: Crafting Performance In The Edit - With 'Des' Director Lewis Arnold & Editor Sacha Szwarc!

live broadcast preview May 01, 2020

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Lewis Arnold is one of the most in-demand directors in TV - having been responsible for HUGE successes, such as Broadchurch, Humans, Cleaning Up, Dark Money and more.

Fresh off the set of brand new ITV drama, Des - starring David Tennant, Jason Watkins and Daniel Mays - Lewis dropped by for a 2.5 HOUR chat, with his chief editor, Sacha Szwarc, to discuss all things acting, and how this duo craft an actor's performance in the edit.

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During the broadcast, we discuss:

  • A brief intro on Lewis' and Sacha's previous work, and how they met.
  • New drama 'Des' - and the story it tells.
  • Sacha's workflow, as an editor, on a big TV drama like 'Des'.
  • The weekly review process that the editor, director and execs go through on a shoot.
  • How Sacha will watch EVERY single take of a scene he receives.
  • Putting the first cut of an episode together.
  • What Sacha wants EVERY actor to think about on set.
  • How an editor can completely alter the tone of a scene, in the edit.
  • Why Lewis wants actors to play with material in a casting, and on set.
  • How Sacha will often use footage, shot before 'Action' and after 'Cut'.
  • Other ways a performance can be enhanced in the edit.
  • Continuity and whether it's important or not?
  • Why you can't be in the moment, unless you've really done the work.
  • The reasons scenes get cut, and why it's almost ALWAYS not the actor's fault.
  • Learning how to edit your own material as an actor.
  • Using social media to network with directors, editors and other industry creatives.
  • Working for free - and when it's appropriate.
  • How many takes, is too many takes?
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

These guys offer SO MUCH VALUE!

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