PREVIEW: Bulletproofing The Actor/ Agent Relationship - With Agent Alex Priestley!

podcast preview Feb 03, 2019

Alex Priestley is one of the new-breed of acting agents - embracing the technical demands of an ever-evolving industry, and dedicated to nurturing the talent of the 'best of the north'.

Based in Manchester, Alex headed up the actors' division at local agency, PHA, for almost a decade.

She decided to go it alone in 2018, and set up her own agency, Alex Priestley Talent - where she now represents almost 50 super-talented actors, working across top TV drama, comedy and theatre.

I invited Alex to give us the full low-down on her new venture, and to discuss the critical importance of bulletproofing the actor/ agent relationship.

During our chat, Alex and I discussed:

  • 2 surprising facts, which might give actors the edge, when contacting Alex.
  • The well known building Alex Priestley Talent resides in.
  • Alex's history as an agent at PHA.
  • The fears and politics around setting up a new agency.
  • The type of actors Alex currently reps.
  • What instantly turns Alex off and on, when looking for new actors.
  • Why northern actors shouldn't fixate on getting a London agent.
  • A typical day in the life of an agent.
  • What an actor can do, to make their agent's job way easier - and guarantee MORE acting work.
  • Why a great career, all starts with BELIEF.
  • What older actors need to do to land great representation.
  • Why social media is becoming more and more important in casting!
  • What Alex would do to land representation, if she was an actor starting out today.
  • Alex's TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

This is a BIG podcast - get strapped in!


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