PREVIEW: Breaking Your Limits - With Actor/ Director Phil Barantini!

podcast preview Jan 13, 2019

Phil Barantini's story is fascinating.

At just 17 years old, he was plucked from obscurity, to star in Sky One's smash hit Dream Team, as Harchester United's striker, Billy O'Neil.

The success of that show led to an audition for Stephen Spielberg's Band Of Brothers - a job that would change Phil's life forever - but in ways you would never expect.

With the world at his feet, Phil got caught up in a cycle of alcohol and substance abuse, that would have disastrous consequences for his acting career, over a 10 year period.

A tragedy? Absolutely NOT - the lessons that decade taught Phil, enabled him to come back to the industry, even stronger than before.

Today, this guy is not just set for a bright future as an actor, but what looks like an INCREDIBLY bright future as a director.

I invited Phil over to the Act On This studio, to talk about it all!

During our chat, Phil and I discussed:

  • Growing up in Liverpool - and how Phil was roped into his first impromptu acting gig.
  • Why he said, 'f*ck that' to 4 years at drama school.
  • Landing the job on Dream Team and how that affected his home life.
  • Why he was almost stopped from accepting his role in Band Of Brothers.
  • Being taken for dinner by Tom Hanks.
  • Why believing your own hype is suicide.
  • How Phil got into the party scene, and what that did to his drive.
  • His struggles with addiction.
  • Why he chose to pursue a career as a chef.
  • The day he hit rock bottom, and decided enough was enough.
  • His transition into directing his first short film, Seconds Out.
  • The critical importance of silencing the opinions of others.
  • How he was able to overcome addiction, and use his experience to write his own short film, Boiling Point.
  • How Phil convinced Stephen Graham to star in that film.
  • Why ALL success is built on adversity.
  • Phil's TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

This is unlike any podcast I have ever recorded before.


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