PREVIEW: Be F*cking BRILLIANT - With 'Line Of Duty' Co-Casting Director Daniel Edwards!

podcast preview Feb 23, 2020

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Daniel Edwards CDG is one of the most successful casting directors in UK TV - he's also a bloody nice guy, and someone who champions new and diverse talent.

At the time of recording this 2 hour and 41 minute chat, Daniel is responsible for co-casting massive shows, such as Line Of Duty with the wonderful casting director Kate Rhodes James, he's casting numerous high profile TV projects for Sky Atlantic, Netflix, and an entire pilot season for one of the largest networks in the US.

I invited Daniel into my kitchen, to tell us ALL ABOUT IT!

During our chat, we discuss:

  • BAFTA now recognising casting directors as award-worthy.
  • How this award could affect the mindset of casting directors moving forward.
  • The projects Daniel is currently casting and how he discovers new actors to bring into audition.
  • The pilot season Daniel is currently casting for a US network.
  • Daniel's view on the recent #YesOrNo Twitter campaign.
  • Looking after actors' mental health.
  • Why it's CRITICAL to understand other people's jobs in the industry.
  • The reality of being a casting director, and how casting directors get paid.
  • The difference between a casting assistant, associate and director.
  • How to market yourself as an actor in the UK, when you originate from elsewhere.
  • Casting workshops, and why so many are a rip-off nowadays.
  • Why actors need to know which casting directors cast which TV shows.
  • How Daniel casts diverse talent in his shows.
  • What you can do to get in the room with Daniel for a casting.
  • How to stay happy in your job as an actor.
  • Doing your best to ENJOY auditions.
  • Why there is a reason for EVERYTHING!
  • Daniel's TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

Parts of this are BRUTALLY honest - are you ready?

Then hit 'play' NOW!


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